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Anton Anthony, Ed.S


Mr. Anthony received his Bachelor of Arts with honors in Business Management from Fort Valley State University in Fort Valley, Georgia. He received his Masters of Arts in Teaching at Augusta State University. He later went back to receive an Educational Specialist degree in Curriculum and Instruction from Augusta University and his Educational Specialist add on in Educational Leadership and Administration, also at Augusta University. He is a licensed educator and real estate broker with the State of Georgia.

Change Your Classroom, Change Everything.

Anton Anthony is living proof that change begins one classroom at a time, and it all starts with love. As a teacher, discipline coordinator, assistant principal and principal, regardless of position, Anton Anthony has seen how love changes classrooms, buildings, and communities.  



He began his educational career in Burke County, Georgia schools as a reading specialist who was moved into the 7th grade English/Language Arts program (ELA), where he experienced his first real taste of educational success. His class achieved the highest passing percentage, and he was given an award to recognize his achievement.

After spending a second year at the middle school where he began his career, he asked for a position as coach at an alternative school in that same district. Former teacher of the year for the school, he was afforded the opportunity to become not only the coach, but the discipline coordinator, and reading instructor.

From those positions, he would go on to become an assistant principal and principal. In order to be closer to his own children, he moved back to the CSRA and he currently is the administrator and founder of AA Steam and Entrepreneurship Academy  Georgia.

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