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Book 1- Loving Education:Restoring the Heart of Education

It's Not A Money Problem. It's a LOVE Problem.

Get Students To Love Learning

Your students don’t understand why they are in your classroom. They resent being asked to trade their precious time for an education that doesn’t seem worth the effort to them. They don’t trust authority figures because they’ve seen too many adults abuse their authority. Loving Education will teach you the steps you need to take to gain their trust, help them see the value of their education, and get them excited about learning.

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Book 2-I Don't Like School 

Alex is a typical student who doesn't like school. He attends school every day only to be picked on by his peers and attend boring classes. Seemed like no one even knew his name while in school. On one day, he meets a friend and an exciting teacher who changed his perception of school forever. 

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Bonus Offer

Includes a Loving Education wristband free.

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